Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geophysics

An open source python package for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in geophysical applications.

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The easiest way to install SimPEG is from PyPI, using pip:

> pip install SimPEG

Read more detailed installations instructions in the documentation.

Get the source code at Github.

An extensible framework for geophysical inversions

Check out the documentation and the paper for an overview.

We are developing for all sorts of geophysical applications

Some of our projects are in active development, feel free to help out, or contact us with a question.

Package State Description
SimPEG A framework for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in geophysics.
simpegEM A electromagnetic forward modeling and inversion package for SimPEG.
simpegNSEM Magnetotellurics forward and inverse codes for SimPEG
simpegDC A DC resistivity forward modelling and inversion package for SimPEG.
simpegPF Potential fields codes for SimPEG. Gravity and Magnetics.
simpegFLOW Groundwater (vadose zone) flow equations written in the SimPEG framework.
simpegSEIS Time and frequency domain forward modeling and inversion of seismic wave.
simpegGPR Forward modelling and inversion of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR).

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Cockett, Rowan, Seogi Kang, Lindsey J. Heagy, Adam Pidlisecky, and Douglas W. Oldenburg. "SimPEG: An Open Source Framework for Simulation and Gradient Based Parameter Estimation in Geophysical Applications." Computers & Geosciences, September 2015. doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2015.09.015.

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