SimPEG at SciPy2014

July 12, 2014by Rowan Cockett

Seogi Kang and I just attended SciPy2014, where we presented about the progress that we have been making with SimPEG (Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geophysics). It was a great experience, and we were able to meet quite a few people that were interested and impressed with what we have been building. We were chosen to give a poster presentation at the conference, but Matt Hall also snuck us into the geophysics talks where we gave a five minute advertisement! The Python conferences have a pretty cool tradition of Lightning talks, where they allow anyone to signup and give a five minute presentation about anything they want! These talks are in front of the entire audience and are very well attended, so it allows someone who didn't sign up for a talk, the space and time to get their message out. It was very high energy and not something that I have seen at other academic conferences.

SimPEG Lightning Talk

A few take aways that I got from my experience at the conference were that we need to communicate more about what we are doing with geophysical inversions. Hence the starting of a blog that is for SimPEG!! I hope that there will be more coming on this blog soon!

Here is a look at the poster that we gave:

The poster!

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